About ColLABorate

Using the ColLABorate portal

The ColLABorate site is a platform intended to establish global connections and foster technical support between cobas® omni Utility Channel users. This support is broadly delivered; from assay design tips and published articles to peer-to-peer discussion boards.


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ColLABorate site areas

About cobas® omni Utility Channel
Technical description of the cobas® omni Utility Channel product and its usage

Assay design area
Whether you are just starting, or are an advanced user, here you find a wealth of resources at your fingertips in order to design your own assays on the cobas® omni Utility Channel and share your designs with other site users

Latest news
Keep up-to-date on the latest published articles and related news

Discussion board
Collaborate with other cobas® omni Utility Channel users and assay designers

About cobas® omni Utility Channel

The cobas® omni Utility Channel is a function of the cobas® 58/68/8800 family of systems that enables users to develop and perform their own designed assays or standardized PCR-based laboratory developed tests (LDTs) on the cobas® x800 family of systems
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