Community Guidelines

COLLABORATE Community Guidelines


In order for us to ensure a respectful community conversation and a vibrant exchange of information, please adhere to the following guidelines.

Language and prescribed terminology
The official language of the forum is English and should be used for all conversations. We will remove comments and threads written in other languages. In acknowledgement of the level of expertise of community members, we encourage the use of technically accurate terminology.

Offensive speech and personal attacks
The use of language that contains personal attacks or targets ethnicity, race, religion, age or gender is prohibited.

Legal or regulatory violations 
As the operators of this community, we are bound to adhere to current laws and regulations. We expect community members to do the same. We will remove comments that violate laws and industry regulations to which Roche Diagnostics is subject.

Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading content
In the interest of fostering honest, authentic conversation with our users, content that cannot be verified or is of a deceptive nature will be removed.

Excessive promotion 
Content that endorses or promotes a product or service in such a way as to hinder the quality of the discussion on the site will result in removal of the post.

Off-topic content
Content that is clearly off-topic or irrelevant to the current discussion will be removed.

Use of medical data
Contributions must not contain information or data that would enable others to establish the identity of patients. This pertains in particular to the names of patients or involved parties, addresses or places of treatment, dates of treatment, birthdates, or any combination of the above that would allow conclusions about a patient’s identity to be drawn.

Clinical Discussion

Content should not contain any form of medical, clinical, or patient-related discussions.  Information should be on a technical/analytical basis only.

The site administrator will decide whether an invited user is eligible to use or continue to use the COLLABORATE platform. If an invited user is eligible then the administrator will arrange for a username and password to be sent to the proposed user in order for an account to be set up. This site is not available in selected countries due to local privacy and/or regulatory rules.

Further stipulations

From time to time we may remove content that doesn’t directly violate any of the above rules. We reserve the right to remove content for any reason, though we will update community guidelines to reflect such actions. If your post is removed and you would like to discuss the reasons, please contact us:


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